LA Miarage Koratty – Destination Wedding Kerala

destination wedding kerala

LA Miarage Koratty – Destination Wedding Kerala

Having a destination wedding miles away from home means you’re in for a much more intimate ceremony and can basically enjoy a two-for-one wedding and honeymoon. But planning such an event is no easy feat. Before jetting off to a foreign land to marry your love, there are some important details to consider.

When should I have my destination wedding?

This depends on your schedules and availability, but seasonal changes make a major impact. If you want to take advantage of the local environment with outdoor festivities, check the average rainfall by month and ensure that you’re not positioning your event right in the middle of hurricane or monsoon season. Be aware of fluctuations in tourism; high season translates to expensive booking rates and congested sights, but low season can mean empty streets and closed hotspots.


When do I notify guests of my destination wedding?

Save-the-dates should be mailed eight to 12 months before the wedding. “The official invites should go out no later than three to four months before,” notes Arons. An extra-long lead time will allow guests to make arrangements but can be a bit laxer for domestic destinations.


Who pays for guest accommodations?

Guests are traditionally expected to cover their personal lodging and transportation expenses, but it’s important that you make this as gracefully clear as possible. Tactfully lay out expectations by providing recommendations to accommodations or booking websites. If you’ve booked a hotel room block, emphasize that each guest needs to reserve their own room within it. Your wedding website and save-the-dates will be your best tools in getting the word out.


Do I need to help guests book travel?

You don’t need to book anyone’s travel, but it’s a nice gesture to make the process easier. Enlisting a travel agent can help lighten the load by taking over group reservations, inputting everyone’s travel info, and scoring the best deals. They may also be able to snag upgrades and luxury treatments. Start a Facebook group or group chat so everyone can share flight deals or make plans to travel together. Providing a wedding itinerary will keep everyone on schedule and fully informed.


Do I need a registry for a destination wedding?

Given the increased costs of guests attending the wedding, you may want to consider scrapping gifts. Utilize the invitations or wedding website to let everyone know that their presence is the best gift. If you prefer to have a registry, be sure to have gifts shipped to your home rather than brought to the venue or opt for virtual gifts like gift cards or donations to a honeymoon fund. Some resorts even have their own honeymoon registries for on-site experiences.

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