LA Mirage Koratty
Ac Banquet HallLA Mirage Koratty

AC Hall Design

Be unique with transparent Venue, full of lights or Select from our range of venue decoration colors.

LA Mirage garden Banquet

Garden Design

You can choose the color of the outdoor party area from our pre-defined range of designs.

Selfi Spots LA Mirage Koratty

Selfie Spots

Events without Selfie Spots? We have that in our selection. Select from our range of selfie spots.

LA Mirage Koratty Wedding Venue



Situated in the peaceful town of Koratty – Kerala, LA Mirage is a one-of-a-kind Convention Center where you can make your events come to life. The cherry to the cake at LA Mirage is that you get to customize the venue as per your own idea. Be it the ceiling decor, the wall colors, the lighting design, or the stage decoration, we offer it all. Get in touch with us and we assure you that your event will be something that not only you, but all who have attended it would remember!

AC Banquet – Backstage LED Screen, Stage Decoration, Venue Lighting, Outdoor Party Area Decoration & Lighting, Security Guards, sound systems.

LA Mirage Koratty Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Want to stream your events live on Facebook & Youtube?. Yes we have included that part within our offering

LA Mirage Koratty Wedding Venue

Inclusive Pricing

All inclusive pricing. Lights, Sound, Stage Properties, Furnitures, Live Streaming, LED Wall, Tv Signages etc.

Drone Video in venue

drone video

Want to capture your events (within venue premise) using Drone? We have that too in our offering.


security guards

Parking Management, Traffic Control, Venue Monitoring. Included within Venue Booking Costs.

LA Mirage Koratty Wedding Venue LED Wall

back stage led

Backstage LED screen covering the whole stage, Select from our unique video loops.

LA Mirage Koratty Wedding Venue outdoor

outdoor decoration

Want to see your photos within Venue Billboards and Roads? We have that as an option.

design your venue

live streaming

integrated technologies

truly next gen

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