Angamaly convention center
Choosing the largest and best Angamaly convention center for multiple purposes

Whether you are running any convention centre for your customers or partners of yourself on some occasion, having a large place like that of an Angamaly convention center  will definitely add to your benefit in many a ways.  The right amount of space for the large community gatherings make a huge difference. From collection and […]

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wedding venue Kerela
What makes a good wedding venue?

Since a wedding day is once in a lifetime experience for the bridegroom and their families, making it a special one is worth mentioning here. This article will take you to the details and importance of having a wedding venue, especially in Kerala. From live music to the decoration of flowers to the invitation of […]

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Luxury Wedding venue in Kerala
Smart Ideas for choosing the Luxury Wedding venue in Kerala

For many to-be-married-soon couple, choosing a venue is a big thing. These days the pressure of selecting the right venue as per the right or required facilities to carry forward the marriage at the luxury wedding venues is a matter of pre-planning.  In Kerala, the beauty of the place is enchanting for everyone out there. […]

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Best AC Banquet Hall Venue in kerala
Select best AC Banquet Hall Venue in Kerala with ease

Marriage is one of the best meets up of two souls to become and tied in a traditional endowment for the lifetime venture. Any sort of event is it a marriage of engagement or even a business event requires a banquet hall venue for the entire occasion to take place in a hassle-free manner.  Choosing […]

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Engagement ceremony venues in Angamaly
Handpicked tips to consider while selecting Engagement ceremony venues in Angamaly

Angamaly is one of the most beautiful places in the northernmost boundary of Kochi in Kerala. The place is a dynamic gateway as it is the most commercially developed and integral part of Kochi. While organizing an event, there are times we end up confronting so many things and decisions related to it. When encountering […]

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How to choose the Best Convention Centre in Kerala?

Selecting an ideal venue for the convention or even a Luxury Wedding venue in Kerala requires a lot of research and ideas to grab the best one of your desire. You require reconsidering a lot of factors before you zero in on a particular location. Convention centres are used for wedding and corporate meetings as […]

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Should You Use A Wedding Planner?

When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s a lot to consider. DIY rustic or ultra-glam, salmon or steak, mermaid tail or ball gown – and that’s only a few choices you’ll have to make. When it comes to making choices and finding the best sources, a wedding planner may be your best bet. But […]

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